Sports psychology coaching scales up to teams and entire organisations.  Therefore significant mindset and behavioural shifts can occur with surprisingly little effort.  This means that results will significantly improve.

I have a successful track record of helping teams improve their effectiveness.  This improves results.  If you want to win more often, and enjoy the process, then improving team psychology and cohesiveness is a great place to start.


“Thank you for coming to our club to talk about sports psychology.  I’ve had lots of positive feedback from those who attended.  Being able to play ‘in the moment’ is critical in golf and you shared several techniques, in a fun way, that our members have said are effective on the course.  That lady who volunteered now says she likes the 15th!”

Captain, Kings Lynn Golf Club


The benefits are well documented.  Sports teams will experience greater cohesiveness and improved results.

How?  Mainly by improving the self-awareness and awareness of others of each member of the team.  Doing this will improve understanding, support and communication between each person.  If you couple this with psychological interventions designed to motivate, improve confidence, challenge limiting beliefs, support and promote team behaviours your team will win more often and enjoy the experience.

“James is an example of walking the talk re performance.  He delivers in it a way which resonates with people and it clearly has made a deep organisational and personal impact on people.  People stop to talk to him all the time about their experiences!  We’ve presented at various conferences and his style is fantastic.  He engages audiences and gives practical examples of what does and why it works”

CEO, UK Neuro Leadership Business


Examples of where I have enabled teams to perform at their best:

  • Improving team cohesion, accountability and support for a local football club
  • Holding psychology talks and golf clubs, tennis clubs and gyms for members and staff to improve their personal and team effectiveness
  • Enabling globally disparate digital and mobile teams work more effectively and coherently
  • Introducing continual feedback in a gamified, fun and neurologically sensitive way within a technology organisation


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Highly effective teams are dependent on the individuals within them.  Click on Sports Psychology for more information on how I help individuals.



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