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My passion is sport and sports performance.  I believe that anyone can elevate their sports performance by training the mind like you train your body.  Becoming stronger, faster, having greater stamina and learning new skills requires effort.   Likewise building mental resilience, confidence, accessing the zone and maintaining focus also requires effort.

As your sports psychology coach we can accelerate your development in psychological performance.  The right mindset does not happen by magic.


“Golf is mainly played on a five-and-a-half inch course, the space between your ears”

Bobby Jones


I believe that many people under-estimate their potential in sport because they struggle with fear, self doubt and negative thinking.  You can develop a more positive mindset and learn techniques to help maintain it.  This means you can achieve any sporting goal you set out to achieve.  It is what the best in their field are able to do.


“If you can keep playing tennis when someone is shooting a gun down the street, that’s concentration”

Serena Williams


Sports I actively participate in include golf, tennis, cycling, triathlon, football, cricket, rugby, martial arts and skiing.  As a high achiever in sport I combine technical expertise with psychological skills.  Tailored solutions are used to help you achieve your sporting goals.  Here are some testimonials from current and past clients:


Six testimonials from James' existing sports psychology coach clients


As the creator of the ‘defib your grip’ ® technique I have helped many sports people where the grip is key.  Golfers, tennis players and equestrian riders have all experienced the difference, so can you.

Image of Defib Your Grip, the high performance grip technique

The video below shows an equestrian client riding after using the technique.  Her horse ‘Yogi’ is very sensitive to rider tension.  She fed back that as she felt more confident and relaxed, Yogi was relaxed and was easy to control in the trot, a pace he normally rushes in.  Yogi is coming back from injury and this video was taken on the first day of riding after a two month break.  My client was nervous about getting back on him after such a long break and therefore used the grip technique with great success:

Sports psychology coaching is not just for professionals at the top of their game.  I currently help a wide range of clients from keen amateur to professional.  In sports self belief is key to an effective mindset.


“If you do not believe you can do it then you have no chance at all”

Arsene Wenger


I am a certified Master NLP Sports Performance, Master NLP and Sports Hypnosis Practitioner.  As your sports psychology coach we will use a bespoke mix of psychological techniques that I guarantee with improve your performance.


“That’s amazing.  My foot was really painful after being hit at point blank range by the ball on Saturday.  After seeing you and running through that injury recovery exercise it has gone from a 6 out of 10 to a 2 out of 10 on the pain scale.  When can we do it again?”

Hockey Client


My varied cross-sport experience makes a big difference.  You’ll be amazed at how these techniques are transferrable across sports.  For example if you are nervous at match point, being able to control your nerves will not only help with that match point!

I also work with teams working on both an individual and the group level to elevate performance.

If you would like to train your mind like you train your body then contact me via the form below.


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