Goals: Memory Triggers


Two famous and interesting pieces of research from 1986 around memory and goals are Richard Suinn’s Seven Steps to Performance and James P Henry’s Performance Grid.


If you access your memories of accomplishing goals (e.g. winning races) you will experience the feelings associated with them again which makes accomplishing future goals more likely.  Working with clients I help them to recall positive relevant memories and envisage the same thing happening again.  Your brain fires the same neurological signals if it is recalling the event or experiencing the event.  If you can do this you’ll be on the left hand, high performance side of the Performance Grid.


Using memory triggers doesn’t guarantee success but does prepare the soil for it by changing your physiology in the right way. Try it out and notice the difference for you personally in terms of how your physiology changes.


This is a fundamental key in performance coaching and memory is used for most NLP interventions.