The art of reframing

The ability to reframe is a key skill to building resilience and maintaining your state of mind

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Goals: Embrace Failure

A growth mindset and a willingness to embrace failure and learn from it will improve your effectiveness. There is no failure, only feedback

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Goals: Emotional Attachment

Goals can become very powerful levers for change as long as there is a strong enough emotional attachment associated with them

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Goals: Imagination

Some people say that our imagination can be our biggest strength and our biggest weakness. I think developing our imagination has more benefits than disbenefits and here are some ways you can boost your imagination

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Goals: Memory Triggers

You can use your memories of successfully achieving historic goals to improve the likelihood of success in your current and future goals.

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Goals: Use Positive Language

We all have a directional filter and we are somewhere on a continuum of moving towards or away from something. Our language is key to our directional filter and quality of life

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Goals: Intermediate Goals

Imagine you want to climb a mountain. From the bottom do you look up at the summit and say to yourself “wow that’s really high” or do you plot waypoints and create a intermediate goal to get to the waypoint? This is the power of intermediate goals

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Goals: Psychological Distance

Our brain associates three types of distance with a goal: psychological, social and spatial and using your imagination you can move the goal closer psychologically and reap the benefits of doing so

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Goals: Goldilocks & SMART

When you set goals use the SMART model and be neurologically aware by ensuring that they are in the Goldilocks zone in terms of challenge and skill

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