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Hi, I’m James and if you choose to accept it, our mission is to work together to help you achieve the results your efforts deserve.

How I can help you

By training your mind, much like you would train your body, you can transform your results.  We all know how great it feels to achieve goals.  Yet you may not have felt that exhilaration that comes from achieving results you didn’t think were in your grasp.

I have a proven track record in helping people elevate their results.  From keen amateur to professional.  As an athlete in many sports, a musician and a corporate HR Director, I understand the psychological challenges.  I can help you overcome them.

My qualifications & approach

I am a certified Master NLP Sports Psychology Coach, sports hypnotist and Master NLP Performance Psychology Coach.  The highest levels of coaching in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  I am also the inventor of new sports psychology techniques including the trademarked ‘Energy Tunnel’ and ‘Defib Your Grip’ designed to deliver results fast:

Defib Your Grip

We could use a tailored mix of psychological techniques to help you perform at your best.  So that I consistently deliver excellent results to my clients, I’ve worked with one of the UK’s leading performance psychology coaches, Andy Barton, and regularly work with my peers in psychology to share best practice.


I won my men’s grade 3 tournament today!  We were outside and it had rained.  The sun was reflecting off the court so I couldn’t see the lines in the service box.  Using your techniques I could still see where I wanted the serve to land.  My serve stats were really good.  What we work on is just so effective.  Thank You!

Under 16 Tennis Client


Whether it is match point in tennis, that 3ft putt on the 18th or completing a gruelling 6 hour triathlon or bike race, I know how it feels to hit a mental wall.  I also know how great it feels to break through it.  Which is why I love helping people transform their mindset and go on to achieve success.

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